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We've been in the battery business since 1985 and have tracked warranty returns since then. Our warranty rates are well below the industry's standards and as a result we consider the batteries we sell to best serve the long-term needs of our customers.

Warranties are provided for all of the products we sell. This page addresses the wet, lead acid batteries sold in our Batteries Northwest and Centennial lines. Please consult us directly by toll free phone, e-mail or fax for specifics on the multitude of other batteries including cellular, camcorder, cordless, two-way radio, etc.

We have one of the most accommodating warranty policies available to our customers. Our policies and procedures address the possibility of two, realistic situations:

  1. The customer if convenient, with the help of the Warranty Center, may go to one of the many authorized dealers carrying our lines for warranty or,
  2. If there are no dealers in the immediate vicinity, the Warranty Center or home office will advise the customer to purchase a replacement battery from any convenient source. All warranties are to the original purchaser and specific warranty policies apply. Either a full refund or a determined value by pro-rated adjustment cost if the battery exceeds the free replacement period. Thus, the customer will always have warranty choices regardless of where they are. Note: Copy of receipt or invoice of original purchase must accompany any warranty procedure. If customer is out of our serviced area, the receipt or invoice of the original purchase and top label from the warranty battery, and receipt from replacement battery is required. No exceptions.

Warranty Centers:

For Batteries Northwest label: 800-769-2684

For Centennial Batteries label: 877-306-7255

In general, our batteries range in free replacement periods as follows: