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Custom Services

Custom Cable Assembly:

We build custom battery cable assemblies for all types of special and Heavy-duty applications, using premium grade welding cable and battery cables and copper terminals to provide superior conductivity and long life. Available in all major gauges. Call for more information or price quotes.

Custom Battery Assembly:

We can replace the old cells in your rechargeable battery pack, using the highest quality cells and state-of-the-art equipment.

Battery Recharge and Check Program:

For a nominal fee we will charge and check all battery Types and chemistries(i.e.. wet, lead-acid, sealed, gel, absorbed glass mat, NiCd, Nickel metal hydride, etc.) and advise customer of the results. In many cases this will result in returning the battery to service and thereby save the extra expense buying a new battery. Call for more information on price quotes depending on battery type, size and chemistry.